Nano-mupirocin showed activity after parenteral administration in several animal models of infection compared to the free drug. The pharmacokinetic profile of Nano-mupirocin showed significantly longer half-life then the free drug (4.4 h vs 5 min respectively) and 100 times higher exposure in terms of AUC.

LC-600 activity in rabbit endocarditis model

LC-600 showed higher survival in endocarditis rabbit model.



Endocarditis was induced with methylene resistance staphylococcus aurous (MRSA).Control animals received saline vs free and Nano-mupirocin groups that dosed with IV 25 mg/kg doses twice daily for 3 days.


Pharmacokinetic profile of Nano-mupirocin and free mupirocin following 40 mg/kg IV doses to mice.
LC-600 showed significantly longer half-life and 100 times higher exposure in terms of AUC

Mupirocin content in plasma and wounds of mice following IV administration of Nano-mupirocin in a necrotizing fasciitis model

Nano-mupirocin accumulated in the wounds of mice in necrtozing fasciitis model. Administration of free mupirocin resulted in no quantifiable mupirocin concentration in wounds and plasma at the tested time points.

Nano-mupirocin can be considered as a new antibiotic demonstrating different PK and activity profile from mupirocin itself