Post-operative pain treatment is a growing $4-6 billion market with a clear need for better therapeutics. Currently-used local anesthetics provide pain relief for up to 6 hours and require augmentation with NSAIDs or opioids for moderate to severe pain, leading to an array of undesirable side effects including addiction to opioids. A recently introduced long-acting liposomal generic local anesthetic Exparel™ by Pacira, generating over $1Billion in annual sales with a rapidly growing market share, allows for a 24-hour duration of analgesia effect, but, is quite complicated to use since it requires following stringent storage rules and is associated with a complex manufacturing process. 

LipoCure’s LC-400, a novel Ultra-Long-Acting Local Anesthetic – ULALA, is a large multi-vesicular liposome hydrogel loaded with bupivacaine, with slow drug release and improved safety and efficacy profiles. First-in-human Phase I clinical study demonstrated excellent clinical results and the company is currently preparing for the Phase II clinical study.